Adding Contacts on-the-fly in the Route Detail


When manually adding people to a document route, we sometimes want to add someone who isn’t in our Contacts. We may not even realize at first that the person is not in our Contacts. Instead of having to stop what we are doing to go create a new Contact on the Contact Dashboard, could there be a way to add this person right from the Route Detail tab?


Yes. In V2019+, any user who has the SYS | Can Add Contact on the Fly role capability can add a contact to the system directly from the Route Details tab.

If you type a name not recognized by Spitfire:

If you type a name that is not in your Spitfire system, an icon will appear.  You can open the Create New Contact window by clicking on that icon. (The window will actually open automatically when you tab out of the field.)

  1. Fill out the window fields.  You can leave some of the fields blank but you must enter an email address.
  2. Click the Finish button.

If you type an email address not recognized by Spitfire:

If you know that a person is not in your system, type the email address instead.  The Create New Contact window will use that information (provided that Spitfire can associate the email address with an existing company.)

  1. Fill out the window fields.  You can leave some of the fields blank but you should edit the Name field if the person’s full name does not appear.
  2. Click the Finish button.

When you click Finish, Spitfire will create a Contact Detail for this person (in the Contacts Dashboard).  Short term, you can proceed with your document, for example, adding others to the route or routing the document to the new Contact.  Long term, you (or someone else in your company) should review and possibly add to the person’s Contact Details.

Contact Details

  1. Find this person on your Contact Dashboard.
  2. Open the Contact Details for this person.
  3. Review the information on the various tabs and add information as desired.  You’ll notice that a special “Quick Add” role is assigned to any Contact created on-the-fly to help identify such Contacts.
  4. Remember to save any changes.