Bookmarks in Email Messages

Request: I would like to be able to include the vendor’s name in my outbound email notification messages. 

Now you can include bookmark-style replacements in the result value of the EmailText | NotifyMsg rule. This rule allows you to specify the content of the outbound email that notifies a user about documents in his or her Spitfire Inbox. The NotifyMsg rule has always allowed certain $$-style markers in the result value—a full list is available in KBA-01394—but there was no marker for Vendor. Now, bookmark-style replacements can be included for information not covered by the $$ markers.

For example, you can use DocHeader_SourceContact for the vendor name. Bookmarks (used in bookmarked Microsoft Word templates) are explained and listed in the Focus on Bookmark Templates guide.


The NotifyMsg rule with the above result value will translate into something like the following in outbound notification emails:

Northern Lights Plaza Vendor Coho Asphalt and Concrete, Pay Request 0001 for 02070 Paving requires your attention.