Contacts and Multiple Companies

Q: How do I keep history info for Contacts who switch companies? What if they are consultants who work for various companies/projects?


A: If the Contact was an employee of Company A and is now an employee of Company B:

  1. On the Contacts Dashboard, open the Contact Detail for the employee (for Company A) and make the contact inactive by clicking on the Active Checkbox. This will preserve the contact’s history with that company.
    201606 Contact Active
  2. Add a new active record for the contact at Company B. This will be your contact’s current association.
    201606 Contact Active 2

If a contact is a consultant who works with various companies and projects:

  1. On the ContactDetail, the Type should be set to Other.
  2. Make sure the Company field is the consultant’s own company or leave the field blank.
    201606 Contact Type Company
  3. On the Member Of tab, give the contact a role that identifies his participation on a project (for example, Consultant). The role should be project-based but can start out as (unassigned).
    Note: for more information about roles, see the Designing User Roles technical white paper.
    201606 Member Of Unassigned
  4. At the Team Contacts part of each appropriate Project Dashboard, add the contact to the team.
    Note: for more information about Team Contacts, see the Focus on Contacts guide.
    201606 Team Contact Add

Last updated: June 21, 2016 at 5:41 am