Copying Spitfire Documents


I want to use an existing Spitfire document as a starting point for a new document, so that I won’t have to enter the same information on my new document. How can I copy a document?


There are several ways to copy a document of most Doc types. Some methods allow documents to be copied automatically and require advanced setup, while other methods allow you to copy documents on-the-fly.

Copy from within a document:

  1. Select Copy this Document from the document’s Options menu:
  2. In the dialog box that appears, decide and mark
    1. if you want the document to belong to the current project or another;
    2. if document Items and the Route should also be copied;
    3. if attached files should also be copied;
    4. if the current document should appear as an attachment on the new document
    5. what the default Due date should be;
    6. how many copies of the document you want to create.
  3. Click the Copy button. The newly copied document will be created.

Copy from the Project Dashboard:

  1. Select the Doc type that you want to copy from.
  2. Click the “copy” icon.
  3. The same dialog box described in the previous instructions will appear, but this time you must enter or look up the document that you want to copy from.
  4. Fill out the dialog box then click the Copy button. The newly copied document will be created.

Copy from a workflow script:

  • Include an ATC: COPY command in a script to be triggered through an event (e.g. when the original document is closed) or through routing, for example:ATC: COPY [Submittal Package] GC12400;

    Note: this command allows you to copy the document to another project, and with Attachments, Items and Route, if desired. When the workflow script is triggered the new document will be created.

Copy through a rule:

  • Set up one or more DocCopyConfig rules. These rules give you a great deal of control over when and how to copy a document automatically.