Creating a File Batch

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If the files (invoices, etc.) you want to process through the Batch Viewer are already in electronic form, you need not use the Batch Upload Tool. You can create the File Batch document directly and attach files to that document yourself.

File Batch documents do not need to be part of any project. You can create File Batch documents as needed.

To create a File Batch document:

  1. From the Site Options menu select Create Document.
  2. Select Create File Batch. The File Batch document will open.
  3. Save the document.
  4. On the Attachments tab, attach any number of files to the document, either through the Add Files tool or by dragging files to the tab.
    Note: The Batch Viewer supports PDF, DOC, DOT, RTF, HTM, and TXT files.
  5. (optional) Unless a predefined route for the File Batch document has been established or you are the person who will use the Batch Viewer, establish the routing for the File Batch document on the Route Detail tab.
  6. Route or save the document.
  7. Close the document window.



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