Deleting Projects

Question: If my project is a mistake and I just want to delete the whole thing, can I?

Answer: Depending on your permission level and what has or has not already occurred on the project, it may be possible for you to delete the whole project.


  • You must have the SYS | Clear Budget/Delete Project (RDS) or SYS | Global access (RUDS) capability in one of your roles in order to delete projects.
  • You must have the DOC | Can Delete an entire document completely (RD) or SYS | Global access (RDS) capability in one of your roles in order to delete documents.
  • There can be no committed Change Order on the project, nor Actuals in the budget. If there are, you can no longer delete the project.

To delete the project:

  1. Go to the Catalog Dashboard, filter by the Project ID, and see what documents are in the project.
    Note: some projects automatically create documents such as Submittal Item Register or Budget when first created, so even if you think you haven’t created any documents, you should check the Catalog.
  2. If there are any, delete all documents currently in the project, except for the Project Setup/Contract document. For example,
  3. Save the Catalog after clicking the trash can icons. Documents will be deleted. Any files on those documents will remain in the Catalog now unattached to any document or project.
  4. Go to the Project Dashboard of the project you want to delete.
  5. Open the Project Setup/Contract document.
  6. Select Delete Project from the Document Options menu.
  7. If you are sure, click OK at the confirmation box. The project will be removed from your system immediately, but may still appear in some lookups for about 15 minutes (or until after the next system cache refresh).
  8. Click the X on the Project Dashboard tab, which may still be visible, to close the Project Dashboard. Once the project is removed, you will not be able to open this dashboard again.