Moving Fields to One Mid-Section Tab

Request: Because so many of our team members use Spitfire on a tablet, we’d like to set up documents so all tab fields appear in one scrollable tab. Such documents would be easier to fill in if we don’t have to go from tab to tab. Could this be possible?

Answer: Yes! We’ve added a way to include the fields of different mid-section tabs into one area on the document. You would set this up through the UI Configuration tool on the System Admin Dashboard.

When you “demote” a tab, the fields on that tab are fixed in an area right below the mid-section tabs. If you continue to have more than one tab, then those demoted fields remain there when you go from tab to tab, making them always visible. If you place all your demoted tab fields below one tab, the result is one longer, scrollable tab.

To move mid-section tab fields:
  1. Open the UI Configuration tool.
    [Note: if your mid-section tabs are not yet configured as you’d like them, you should configure them individually first, using the appropriate Part. (For more information, see Appendix C in the Focus on System Administration guide.)]
  2. Select Doc Tabs as the Part.
  3. Select the Doc Type you want to configure.
  4. Check the Show Live Configuration and Show Visible Only checkboxes to see what tabs are currently configured on this Doc type, for example:
  5. Decide if you want to have the fields under one tab, on no tab, or all remaining tabs. For example, you may want to
    1. have all fields appear under the Details tab, or
    2. demote all tabs so no actual tabs appear (just the fields do), or
    3. demote just the Note tab so its fields appear under all other tabs.
  6. Edit each tab that you want to demote and change the Seq to -1.
    For example,

    …would result in this:
  7. Remember to accept the row and save your changes.

Other examples:

This (with all tabs except Details demoted)

…would result in this (with Header section minimized):

And if the Details tab is also demoted, the Daily Field Report would look like this:

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