Disabling the “Add New Doc” Icon on the Project Dashboard

Question: What controls the “Add New” icon that allows you to create a new document of a particular Doc type on the Project Dashboard? We’d like our Pay Requests to be created from our Commitments only, so want that icon greyed out.

Answer: Whether the “Add New” icon is available for users depends on a setting in the Doc Types tool on the System Admin Dashboard.

By default, users (who have the PAGE | Document Access (RI) role capability) can create a site-active document by clicking on the “Add New” or “Copy Doc” icon once they have selected a Doc type on a Project Dashboard.

To disable both of these icons:

  1. Open the Doc Types tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Find the Doc type in question.
  3. Edit the row for the Doc type and uncheck the Create From Dashboard option.
  4. Accept the row and save your changes. The “Copy Doc” icon will disappear and the “Add New” icon will appear greyed out on all Project Dashboards.

    Be mindful: since users will no longer be able to create such a document directly from the dashboard, there should be another way for these documents to be created. For example, Pay Requests can be created from the parent Commitment and CCOs can be created from Change Orders (through Budget Entries). Your site may have set up other possibilities through the NextDocFlow rules.