Documents That Don’t Need to Be Routed

Q: Some of our documents, created automatically or not, do not need to be routed nor even to appear in anyone’s Inbox. Can we make them not show up in the Inbox?

 A: Yes.  By default, whoever creates a Spitfire document appears as Seq 1 on that document’s route, so that document appears in his or her Inbox, even if it need not be routed. Likewise, documents that are automatically created by sfPMS appear in the current user’s Inbox (unless otherwise configured) even if they need not be routed.

Although we’ve made it easier to remove documents from the Inbox, routing rules can be configured to prevent certain Doc types and subtypes from appearing in the Inbox in the first place.

  1. Open the Routes tool on the Manage Dashboard.
  2. Find the distributed AutoAccceptRoute predefined route.
  3. Click the expand icon to expand AutoAcceptRoute.  A number of Doc types may already appear in the Rules for Selected Route part. These Doc types do not appear in any Inbox when they are created because of the Auto2015-11-03
  4. Leave the Details for Selected Routes section blank. After all, the point is to not route documents to anyone.
  5. In the Rules for Selected Route section, click the Add New icon to add a row for each Doc type or Doc type/Subtype combination that you do not want in the document creator’s Inbox.
  6. Click the Auto checkbox in order to check it. Auto is what tells sfPMS to release the document from Seq 1 and route it out of the Inbox automatically.
  7. Click the green checkmark  to accept each row. For example, if you have a different predefined route established for Budget documents, but don’t want Budget documents that are created automatically by the system and have a Subtype of CCO or Change Order to end up in the Inbox, you would add the following rows to your AutoAcceptRoute predefined route:
  8. Click to save again after you have added all the Doc type/Subtype rows that you want.


If Auto is checked for a Doc type that also has an Attachment (Auto) template (in the Templates library), the template will not be automatically attached to the document.  In such a situation, a workflow script to attach the template may be needed.

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