Finding the Projects a Subcontractor is Involved In


I need to know which projects a particular subcontractor/vendor is working on. How can I get this information from Spitfire?


There are a few ways to get the IDs or names of the projects that involve a particular subcontractor/vendor company or person. Depending on your access and permissions, you may be able to use the Catalog, the Contact Member Of tab, or a report to gather this information.


  • Search the Catalog for Commitments for the particular subcontractor company (or person). The results will show the projects if your site is configured to show a Projects column in the results. Note: you can also search for Closed documents or for a particular Commitment status if you’d like.
  • Once the results are listed, you can choose to sort by the Project column or export the information to Microsoft Excel.

Member Of Tab:

  • If your subcontractor has been given a team role, you can check the Member Of tab in that subcontractor’s Contact Detail window for a list of projects by ID.

Commitment Log Report:

  • One of the reports available in the General report folder is the Commitment Log. Filter on all projects for a particular Vendor company then Run Report.

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