How to Access the Roles Tool from Contact Details

sfPMS makes it easy for those with proper permission (see KBA-01399) to grant a new role capability or permission to a user from that user’s Contact Detail window. Whether you want to give a user a new role or build up an existing role, it makes sense to start at the Member Of tab and then go to the Roles tool.

Because capabilities need to be included in specific roles, giving someone permission to do something (for example, to add attachments to a closed document) requires you to first determine the role that will include that capability. Starting at the user’s Contact Details window allows you to see what roles the user already has.

  1. From the Contacts Dashboard, open the user’s Contact Detail window.
  2. Go to the Member Of tab. Here you can review existing roles and give the user another role if appropriate.
  3. Click the name of the role you want to modify.
    The Roles tool will open in its own window.
  4. Here, add or edit role capabilities as you would normally.
  5. Save and close the Roles tool window. You will still be in the Contact Details window.

For more information about roles, see the Designing User Roles technical white paper.


While accessing a tool in a pop-up window may be convenient when you want to make a simple change, you should access the Role tool (or any other System Admin tool) from the System Admin Dashboard when you need to set up more complex configurations. Access from the dashboard gives you a bigger picture and better navigation.