How to Change the Default Sort for Columns

Request: By default, the document list on a Project Dashboard sorts by document number, in descending order. Could there be a way to change that default?

Yes! You can set up a default for your document list, by Doc type, through the UI Configuration tool.

On the UI Configuration tool, use SortHint= on the Extended field to specify the column on which to sort by default. You can specify more than one column, separated by a comma, for initial sort and secondary sort. The command is called SortHint because the system will use it where it can; however, internal logic may override it. And of course, users can override the default on the Project Dashboard itself.

For example, to have Punchlist documents sorted by Description in descending order, you would do the following:

  1. On the UI Configuration tool, select the appropriate Doc Type [Punchlist], Part [Project Doc List] and Item [Description Col].
  2. Add a row.
  3. Notice the actual fieldname for the Item [Title].
  4. At the Extended field, type SortHint= followed by the fieldname [Title]. If you want the column to sort in descending order (Z-A, 9-1) include DESC after the fieldname. (If you want the column to sort in ascending order (A-Z, 1-9), don’t include DESC.)
  5. Accept the row and save.


The column will appear sorted by Description descending by default.

An example of a primary and secondary sort could be SortHint=Title DESC, DocNo.

The SortHint= command can be used on any SFDBX column. For a list of SFDBX columns, see KBA-01512.