How To Expand Notes in the BFA Workbook


I write notes in the BFA workbook, but only the beginning of those notes can be seen unless I click on the Notes cell on a particular row. Is there a way to see all notes without having to click on each row?


Yes. The Expand Notes option on the Spitfire BFA ribbon can be used to display all the text of all your Notes so that you can read them just by scrolling down. You can then use the Minimize Notes option to return the Notes to the single-line view.

  • When Notes are not expanded, you can see the full text of only the cell you are in. The Expand Notes option will be available.
  • In this view, you can select the Expand Notes option to see the text of all notes. The Expand Notes option will become a Minimize Notes option.
  • When Notes are expanded, you can select the Minimize Notes option to return to the single-line view again.