How to List Closed Documents

While exact document statuses vary, they fall into two “camps”—open documents that can still be edited, and closed documents that are read-only. For example, Approved, Canceled, Rejected, and Closed are all closed statuses. By design, sfPMS does not show closed documents on the Project Dashboard (unless all documents of a Doc type are closed) or on the Catalog. But, of course, there is a way to list and view closed documents.

Using the Include Closed Filter:

  1. On either the Project Dashboard’s list of documents or the Catalog Dashboard’s search results (after you have used other filters such as Doc type), click on any of the headers that offer a drop-down menu, for example:
  2. If in the Project Dashboard, click the Show Closed option.
    If in the Catalog Dashboard, click the Include Closed option.
    In either case, the X next to the option will become a checkmark (because the option is a toggle). You can see the checkmark if you open the drop-down menu again.

    The list of documents will now include closed documents.
  3. To remove the closed documents from the list, click the Show/Include Closed option again to turn the filter off.
    Note: if you do not turn off this filter, it will remain as you list other Doc types.

If all the documents are closed on the Project Dashboard:

  • When you select a Doc type that has no open documents, but does have closed documents, the document list will automatically check the Show Closed option and list the closed documents.
  • If there are many closed documents, a link will be displayed instead:
  • Note: after the Show Closed filter is turned on, it will remain on until you toggle it off, even as you list other Doc types.

To list only closed documents when there are both open and closed documents of a particular Doc type:

  1. On either the Project Dashboard or the Catalog Dashboard, click on the Status header to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the closed Doc status on which to filter. The Show/Include Closed filter will be selected automatically.

To View the Closed Document:

  • From the list, click the document icon as usual to open the document window. While you will not be able to make changes to the document, you will be able to view its information.