KBA-01113: PCO Request Print requires Contract Value


Why is the summary section at the bottom of the PCO Request blank?


The summary section of the PCO Request normally contains information similar to the lines below.  In order for the summary to be produced, there must be a Contract Value for the project in Microsoft Dynamics SL‘s PJPTDROL table. Check the Project‘s Contract Value in DSL on the Project Maintenance > Project Amounts screen.

The Project Contract Amount (Guaranteed Maximum Cost) will be increased by this Change Order
The new Project Contract Amount (Guaranteed Maximum Cost) including this Change Order 2,762,850.00
The Project Contract Time will be affected by 0 days
The original Project Contract Amount (Guaranteed Maximum Cost) was 2,762,000.00
Project Net Change by previously authorized Change Orders 0.00
The Project Contract Amount (Guaranteed Maximum Cost) prior to this Change Order was 2,762,000.00

Additional Comments:

You can check for a Contract Value in Query Analyzer using a query similar toSELECT * FROM solomonappdb.dbo.PJPTDROL pj WHERE  pj.Project = ‘theprojectid‘
AND pj.acct  = dbo.f_SOLPJControlData(‘CONTRACT-VALUE‘,‘PA‘,1,16)

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