KBA-01253: Preventing Users from Viewing Revenue data


Is it possible to restrict users‘ access to Revenue numbers in BFA or prevent them from drilling down to the Revenue data from the Project Analysis Details?


No one can access revenue data unless they have the LIST | Can see Revenue Transactions capability in one of their roles.  Only users with this capability in an assigned role will be allowed to drill-down on Revenue Account Categories in the Transaction drill-down.

Without the LIST | Can see Revenue Transaction capability:

  1. [Cost Analysis] If users attempt to drill down to Revenue transaction on the Project Cost Analysis, they will be notified that ‘Access to these transactions is denied‘.
  2. [BFA] On BFA spreadsheets, users not granted the above listed capability will still be able to:
    • view the rows and columns related to Revenue, but no Revenue values will be visible.
    • select the Revenue Category for a filter value, but Revenue values will not be displayed.
    • add new rows to the spreadsheet, but will not be able to add values if the row is a Revenue row.

Users without Revenue Transaction access can be readily identified by the RevLock notation on the About Spitfire window accessed from the Spitfire menu on BFA.

Additional Comments:

For more information about roles and capabilities, see the technical white paper Designing User Roles.

KBA-01253; Last updated: October 19, 2016 at 13:34 pm;
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