KBA-01282: Using CSI Codes to Classify Vendors by Specialty

Purpose & Scope:

CSI Codes can be used to group your vendors by specialty. Later when you create a new Commitment/Subcontract document, you can use the CSI filter in the Vendor lookup to find appropriate Vendors.  In addition, the Project Vendor report includes this filter.


Step 1: Build your CSI code list

    • On the System Admin Dashboard, open the CSI Maintenance tool and enter your CSI codes, for example:

Step 2: Assign one or more CSI codes to each Vendor

    • On the Companies view of the Contacts Dashboard, find and expand the desired Vendor and add CSI codes, for example:

Step 3: Use the CSI filter in lookups

    • On Vendor lookups (such as on Commitment docs), click the All Filters checkbox then enter the desired CSI code, for example:

Additional Comments:

KBA-01282; Last updated: October 7, 2016 at 9:39 am;