KBA-01390: Secondary lien holders on Pay Requests


I want to add secondary lien holders to the Liens/Payee tab on my Pay Request.  Do they need to be Contacts in Spitfire?


The short answer is that if they will receive a split payment, then yes, they need to be Contacts.  Otherwise, no—the names of these secondary lien holders can by typed in the Vendor field. The Liens/Payees tab on the Pay Request document is used to indicate if Lien Waivers are required, if a split payment will be issued, the payee of any joint payment checks, and the names of any other lien holders.

For example, let‘s say you look up a secondary lien holder on a Commitment.  By necessity, this person or company must be on your Active Contacts lookup.


When you create a Pay Request for that Commitment, your secondary liener appears by default on the Liens tab.  If your secondary liener will receive a split payment, the Split Pay checkbox must be checked.


However, as shown below, if you want to indicate a joint payment with another lien holder, even one that is not on your Contacts list (e.g., the Supplier), you can

  • add a row with your primary liener as the Vendor,
  • type the Vendor and secondary lien holder in the Payee/Liener field.  (This is used for the Remit To payee on the check.)
  • check the Split Pay column.

And if you want to merely indicate that any person/company holds a lien, but no payment is involved, you can

  • add a row with your primary liener as the Vendor,
  • type the name of the secondary lien holder (e.g., Other Supplier) on the Payee/Liener field,
  • leave the Split Pay column unchecked.

KBA-01390; Last updated: October 17, 2016 at 13:20 pm;
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