KBA-01412: IE Script error opening Project Setup documents

Purpose & Scope:

An error may cause you to get an Internet Explorer Script Error when opening Project Setup documents:

Line: 719

Char: 63

Error: Expected ‘,‘

Code: 0


Changes to Project Flex Key in Microsoft Dynamics SL could be the cause of the error. In this case:

Flex Key was
3- Segments.  (ALPHA-NUM), (NUMERIC – Auto Counting), (NUMERIC)

Flex Key changed to
3- Segments.  (ALPHA-NUM), (NUMERIC – Auto Counting), (ASCII)

After editing Microsoft Dynamics SL, re-synch the changes to the project mask in Spitfire:

System Admin | Mask Maintenance

KBA-01412; Last updated: October 18, 2016 at 10:24 am;
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