KBA-01482: How to Add Plan Room Instructions to your Help Menu

Purpose & Scope:

How do I add an option on the Spitfire Help menu that our public users can access for help using our Plan Room?


Step 1:Create an .htm file or a .pdf file with your Plan Room Help information.

TIP: You can download sample Plan Room “How-To” instructions for your vendors (in Microsoft Word) from the Downloads page.


Step 2: Load your help file on your IIS server.

In the example below, a Docs folder is added to the website and the PlanRoomInstructions.pdf is added to the folder.

Step 3: In SQL Server, add an option to the Help menu.

INSERT xsfDashboardMenu([MenuItemKey],[DocTypeKey],[ContainerKey],[MenuPath],[MenuItemID],[MenuSeq],[ItemText],[TipText],[ActionText],[UCModule],[UCFunction],[RequiredPermit],[Active],[SiteActive])


‘Plan Room Instructions‘,NULL,http://servername:3280/Docs/PlanRoomInstructions.pdf‘,‘PAGE‘,‘Dashboard.aspx‘,0,1,1)

Note: http://servername:3280 is the URL to access the Spitfire site but without the sfpms to launch Spitfire, so instead it directs to the Docs folder.

Step 4: Back in Spitfire, your Plan Room Instructions are ready to use.


For example:

Additional Comments:

See KBA-01410 for more information on adding a Custom Entry on the Spitfire menu.

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