KBA-01484: How do I include existing CCOs in my Change Order?


At my company, the CCO for the Commitment always comes in first, before the Change Order.  Here’s our workflow:

  1. We create the CCO according to the paperwork that is coming from the PMs and Foreman on the Job site.
  2. When they have it documented correctly and are ready to present for verbal approval, we start a Potential Change Order.
  3. There may be just one CCO but there could be multiples if more than one sub is involved.
  4. We have an allocation in place to mark the CCO expense.
  5. Once the Potential Change Order is completed, we present it to the customer.
  6. When the Potential Change Order is verbally approved, we may approve the Change Item and create a Change Order with one or several of the Change Items from Potential Change Orders.

How can we link one of the existing CCOs to these Customer Change Orders?


  1. Open the Change Item Budget grid on the Change Order.
  2. IGNORE the default Self Perform row.
  3. Click the Add icon.

    1. Change the type of the new line to CCO.
    2. Make no other changes…or a CCO will be created.
    3. Accept the row.
  4. SAVE so that the CCO line changes from NEW to EXISTING.
  5. Edit the CCO line
    1. Lookup or type the Commitment doc number.
    2. ACCEPT the changes to the row.
  6. Click the Add/Create icon next to the commitment number.
  7. FINALLY – you have reached the “Select Source for New CCO” dialog.
    1. Select the Existing CCO radio button.
    2. Lookup the existing CCO then click OK.

KBA-01484; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:18 pm
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