KBA-01506: Bookmarks for Change Order Templates


What bookmarks can I use for showing a summary of the Contract Value in a Change Order template?


When working with the Change Order template, the following bookmarks can used:

Bookmark Description
CORequestForm_DocMasterKey Amount of this Change Order
CORequestForm_State Doc Status of Change Order
CORequestForm_CORevenueAmt Revenue Amount of this Change Order
CORequest_OriginalContractAmt Original Commitment Amount
CORequestForm_PriorApprovedAmt Revenue Amount of Prior Approved Change Orders
CORequestForm_PriorPendingAmt Revenue Amount of Prior Pending Change Orders
CORequestForm_NewContractAmt New Commitment Amount (includes Prior Approved and this Change)
CORequestForm_NewContractTotal New Contract Amount with Pending (includes Prior Approved, Prior Pending, and this change)

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KBA-01506; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:17 pm 
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