KBA-01624: Display Customer Name in a column for Project List


How do I display the customer (owner) name in a column of the Project List?


If you want the project customer name visible in the project list, you can follow these steps:

UI Configuration

On the System Admin Dashboard:

  1. Go to the UI Configuration Tool.
  2. Select Project List as the Part.
  3. Add a row and select Description as the Item
    1. Select Home Dashboard as the Context.
    2. Provide a Label, perhaps Customer.
    3. Make the Item Visible and RO (read only).
    4. In the Extended field, enter the following to re-purpose the column to show the SourceContact (the contact identifier) using the ContactCompany description.


    5. Accept the row.
  4. Save your changes.

UI Config Project List

The Result

Project List with Customer

Additional Comments:

You could also repurpose the External Status or Schedule columns.

This is an advanced topic; contact your implementation expert (not support) for assistance.

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