KBA-01816: Email Tracking Token


Is there some tracking token I can include in the body of an email?
My third party changes the email subject.  Is there another way to track the email response?


Yes!  Try something like

Tracking Token: Spitfire *PMLinkDocID: 7759C361-BD33-4C22-98CA-D3628E488456

The important parts are

  • PMLinkDocID: followed by white space.  This tag/token is case sensitive.  The ending colon must be followed by white space.
  • The document key (copied from the browser address or Document Menu “Get Link”)
  • white space or new line

You can place the entire section into a different text color, font, or font-size, as long as the HTML markup does not interfere with the pattern.  (Meaning the PMLinkDocID: and the key should be in the *same* font, size and color).  Meaning this alternative also works

In Regards to: PMLinkDocID: 7759C361-BD33-4C22-98CA-D3628E488456 (please do not edit or remove)

Additional Information

As long as email replies include the body of previous emails, the tracking token continues to work

This is equivalent to EMAILTEXT | ReplyKeysInBody

Once this tracking token is in an email chain, the tracking token is more significant that the subject.  The tracking token wins!

See also: RouteConfig | TrackingToken