Scope and Company Wide Filters

The Spitfire Catalog includes many filters to help you find documents and files in your system. Two of those filters are mutually exclusive—that is, you cannot use both the Company and Contact filters at the same time. When you use one, the other disappears. However, two other filters—Scope and Company Wide—appear when you use either the Company or Contact filter. These filters decrease or increase your search results.

  • Company Wide tells Spitfire to also include anyone associated with the indicated company (or the company associated with the indicated Contact), in effect increasing possible matches. Company Wide is checked by default.
  • Scope tells Spitfire how to limit the matches. By default, Scope is not indicated, so all documents that mention the company anywhere are returned.

In the following example, a document search for the company Able Electric, but with Company Wide and To filters,  returns documents on which Jason Sunderson is the To contact and on which Able Electric is the To contact:

And in the following example, a search for Phil Sunderson, with the Company Wide and Source Contact filters returns documents with Jason Sunderson, Able Electric or Phil Sunderson as the Source Contact.