Taking “No Action” on a Pending Any Route Row


I am sometimes part of a “Pending Any” group on a route. I know that once someone on the group routes (thumbs up) the document, the document will leave my Home Inbox. But, if I know that someone else on the group (not me) should be dealing with and routing the document, I don’t want the document in my Inbox. Could there be way for me to remove it from my Inbox without waiting for that someone else to take action?


Yes. In V2017, if you are part of a “Pending Any” group, you will find a No Action choice on the route status drop-down. This route status indicates that you did not take action on the document, but does remove the document from your Inbox. The others in your “Pending Any” group are not affected.

To remove the document from your Inbox:

  1. On your route row, select No Action from the Status drop-down.
  2. Click the “thumb up” icon as you would normally to route your document. As usual, the document will save automatically and close.


Because a document would never get to the next Seq number if everyone in the “Pending Any” group decided to take “No Action”, the No Action option is not available if there is only one person left in the “Pending Any” group.