Team Contacts and PAPT Data


I know that financial data on my PAPT (Pay Application Print Template) comes from my SOV, which comes from my Project Setup and Pay Application documents. But where does information such as Owner address or Architect name come from?


When pulling together data for the PAPT, Spitfire looks for people on the team that have the Owner, Architect, GC, etc. responsibility capability on a role.  The responsibility capabilities that Spitfire can identify and use in the PAPT are highlighted below.

For Example:

If you want someone with the Architect role (or whatever you call that role, for example, “Lead Architect”) to be used in the PAPT, you would need to:

  1. Configure the Architect (or “Lead Architect” or whatever) role by selecting the Architect capability in that role’s Responsibility tab (as shown above).
  2. Give the appropriate person the Architect (or “Lead Architect” or whatever) role with project (unassigned).
  3. Include that person on the project team as the Architect (or “Lead Architect” or whatever).

In the example above, Nick York is identified as the Architect on the project and Owen Roberts is identified as the Owner on the project; therefore, Nick York’s and Owen Robert’s information (including company name and address) is available to flow to the PAPT.  What information actually shows up on the PAPT depends on how the PAPT has been designed.