The Bill Checkbox on the CI Tab

The Bill checkbox [DocItem_Billable] is a field that appears on the grid of the CI tab on Change Orders. However, what this checkbox signifies is not always well understood.

The Bill checkbox allows you to indicate if a Change Item is billable to the owner/customer on the project or not.

  • If Bill is checked, the Item will be billed. Revenue is therefore expected on the Item and the Item will be available in the Get CO option in the SOV workbook, so you can add it to your Pay Application and post it to your integrated accounting system.
  • If Bill is not checked, the Item won’t be billed. Therefore, Spitfire does not allow revenue to be posted for the Item, and does not even allow a Revenue amount to be added to the Item’s Budget Entries. In addition, the Change Item will not be available to be included on the SOV workbook.


If you are trying to add Revenue to a Change Item and the Revenue Amt field is greyed out, see if the Bill checkbox on the Item grid is blank. If appropriate, check the box to allow revenue.


The Change Item Log has a filter that allows you to see which Change Items are billable and which are not.