The Route Statuses

Q: When I “thumbs up” the document, it goes to the next person on the route. What if I want to send it back to the person before me because I don’t approve?

A: That depends on your permission level. It is possible that the only direction you can send a document is to the next Seq. If the following instructions are not ones you can follow, check your role capabilities with your System Administrator. However, if you have been given the DOC | Can route a document back to originator (R) and DOC | Can route a document back to prior sequence (R) capabilities, you can route a document to a previous routee.

On your route row, you will notice that there is a Status drop-down and a Rsp drop-down. By default, when you click the icon on your row, the route status automatically changes to Responded, moving the document to the next Seq. The Rsp drop-down is not touched. It is possible to configure the RouteConfig | ImpliedResponse rule so that the icon will also change the Rsp to Approved, but selecting Approved or Rejected (or any other option) on the Rsp drop-down does not, on its own, route the document in any direction.

To indicate that you don’t approve, add a note about why, and send the document in a backward direction:


  1. Select Rejected (or other applicable option) from the Rsp drop-down.
  2. Click to add a note.
  3. Select the appropriate route Status:
    1. Sent Back will send the document to the previous Seq (in this example, to William Flint).
    2. Restarted will send the document to Seq 1 (in this example, Chris Demo).
  4. Click the “thumbs up” icon to route the document.

When a document is sent back to someone, that person sees the document in his/her Inbox and is able to send it forward again. The document is considered to be in “stage 2” and the Seq number reflects that. (If the document were to be sent back again by someone, it would indicate stage 3 and so on.)


In our example, William can read the note left by Andrew, address the issue, then click “thumbs up” to route the document to Andrew again. Andrew in turn can decide whether to approve and route the document forward to Chris at Seq 2:4 or, if there is a reason to reject and have Chris and William get this document again, route the document all the way back to Chris at Seq 2:1 using the Restarted status. For more information about routing, see the Focus on Routes guide.