To Allow Someone To Change Closed Items


Sometimes on our Submittal Item Register (Log), we need to change the Responsible person on an Item that has been Accepted. Yes, we have the system set up to make Accepted Items be read-only (closed). Is there some way to allow certain people to override this restriction and make a change to the Item anyway?


Yes. Anyone with the role capability of DOC | Enable Edit for Items with closed status can edit closed/read-only Items.

To give someone permission to make changes to closed Items:

  1. Consider if you can give this capability to an existing role (i.e., all PMs should have this permission) or if you need to create a new role to give to just the people who will be allowed to make changes to closed Items.
  2. Go to the Role Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  3. Create or select the role that will include this capability.
  4. Select DOC as the Module.
  5. On the right panel, find Enable Edit for items with closed status and click the arrow to bring the capability to the left side.
  6. Click the U permission.
  7. Remember to save!


  • Depending on how the role is configured (i.e., if it is conditional on Doc type or not), this capability can apply to just one Doc type (for example, Submittals), several Doc types, or all Doc types.
  • The DOC | Enable Edit for Items with closed status capability assumes the document itself has an “open” status. If the document has a “closed” status, only users who have the PAGE | Document Access (RIUS) role capability will be able to re-open the document in order to make changes. Item status and document status are separate considerations and hence governed by two different role capabilities.