Viewing Changes To and By Contacts


Is there a way to see what changes have been made to a Contact record? Also, is there a way to see what changes a Contact has made within Spitfire?


Yes. In the Contacts Dashboard, there are options to View Changes By and to View Changes To for each Contact. Both options display the Spitfire Change History Exploration and Search Tool (also known as sfCHEST) with the appropriate data. [For more in-depth information, see Viewing Changes through sfCHEST.]

To open sfCHEST for a Contact:

  1. Find the desired Contact on the Contacts Dashboard.
  2. Click the options menu icon then select either View Changes By or View Changes To.
    sfCHEST will open in a separate window. If no data is found, the window will say No Change Found. Otherwise, it will list the most recent changes made in the past 72 hours.

Example of View Changes By:

The example above lists the changes made by Andrew Carothers during the course of one day. Because there can be many rows of data for a busy user, we recommend that you select Add a Custom Filter from the Tools menu to narrow your results.

Example of View Change To:

It is easier to interpret the data in the example above of changes made to Andrew’s Contact record by Chris Demo. The data shows that the fax number field (xsfUser.fax) is now null, which means the prior value was removed and the field was left blank. Also, the phone number field ( changed from (503) 452-6981 to (503) 452-7000.


sfCHEST lists the changes made to document fields and parts of the system using internal fieldnames, codes and GUIDs. For help in understanding specific results, contact Support.