Viewing Emails on the Route Detail Tab

While it is true that inbound emails can be opened and viewed on a document’s Attachment tab, it is also true that you can open and view outbound and inbound email through icons on the Route Detail tab.

Outbound Email

When you have a Route Via Email routee, you can click the “email” icon to see the email that will be sent or has been sent. (You can also click the “routed content” icon to see the whole routed content package, including template output, assembled PDF and other attached files.)

Inbound Email

You can view a inbound response email also. You can

  • mouse over the next to the “glasses” icon to read the email body text or
  • click the “glasses” icon to view the body of the email or
  • click the “envelope” icon to open the actual email, as long as the email is still attached to the document.


The Route Detail tab also indicates when emails were sent, so particular emails are easier to find.