May 2016 – 5 Advantages to Using a Template Project

Join us to learn how to create and use a Template Project! A Template Project is a great way to build a base from which you can draw upon for all your work projects. Let’s face it: when we are under stress, it’s so easy to forget the basic, tedious or easy stuff. But if you have a Template Project, then you don’t have to worry about those tasks.

This webinar will show you why it makes sense to build your own Template Project, so you can set up all the standard stuff on your work projects quickly and efficiently and start reaping the benefits right away!

  • Create a Template Project and use that Template project to:
  1. Automatically add files to your working documents on create
  2. Add checklist documents to your new projects
  3. Set up a budget
  4. Create new documents on your live project when a milestone is achieved
  5. Populate the Incl/Excl tab on new documents