Who Are Compliance Notification Documents/Word Files From?


Since the Compliance Notification document is created by Spitfire through an automatic workflow script, who is the document considered “from”?


By default, the workflow script uses the final person on your predefined route for the Compliance Notification Doc type as the “from” person when routing content/email. However, you can change that configuration.


When a Compliance item with the Notify option turned on triggers an out-of-compliance signal, a Compliance Notification document is created by Spitfire through a workflow script. That workflow script ends with the following command:

ATC: ROUTE $$ComplianceRoute$

$$ComplianceRoute$ is a placeholder for the result value on the ComplianceNotificationText | WorkflowRouting rule.

The WorkflowRouting rule uses the following result value by default:

The default result value means that the ATC: ROUTE command will

  • Use the best predefined route as selected by Spitfire using normal conditions,
  • Record Seq 1 as “responded” and go immediately to the next Seq on the route (i.e, the first Seq on the predefined route),
  • Make the document “from” the person in the last Seq on the predefined route.

To indicate a different “from” person:

  1. Expand the ComplianceNotificationText rule group in the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Edit or add the WorkflowRouting rule.
  3. After AUTO; AUTOACCEPTED FROM, type the Seq number from your predefined route that you want to use as the “from” person.  (You can also use USER to mean “the current user.”)
  4. Save the rule.

For Example:

Using the following predefined route for Compliance Notification documents:

  • By default, the “from” person will be Chris Demo, because he is at the last Seq.
  • If the WorkflowRouting rule were changed to AUTO; AUTOACCEPTED FROM 5, then the “from” person would be whoever has the Project Assistant role on the project.
    Note: if more than one person has the same role on the route at the indicated Seq, the first person listed will be used as the “from” person.


It is important to know who the “from” person will be because, aside from appearing on outgoing email, this person will populate any FromAddr_ bookmarks in your Compliance Notification template, for example: