Adding and Editing Date Types

When you select System Admin | Date Types, the corresponding part appears:

Doc Type The document type on which the date is available or required on the Date tab. If blank, the date type applies to all Doc Types.
Doc Date Name The name of the date type for the specified Doc Type.
Sequence A number determining the order the date types appear on the Description drop-down on a particular Doc Type. Zero (0) is first, the next highest number is second, etc. For example, based on the previous picture, Original would come before Commitment Current on a Commitment document.

Note: A sequence of -1 means the date type will not appear on the drop-down.

Is Required Whether the date type will appear automatically on the document’s Date tab or will appear as an option on the Description drop-down on the document’s Date tab.
Include Start Whether or not users are allowed to enter a start date.
Include Finish Whether or not users are allowed to enter a finish date.
Alert Whether or not there is an Alert type for this Date type. Such an Alert would be included in Alert type lookups.
Active Whether or not the date type can be used and selected in sfPMS.



Date Names Like Type the first few characters or use the wildcard (%) to find one or more date types by Doc Date Name.
Doc Type Select a Doc Type from the drop-down menu.


To add or edit a date type:

  1. Click Add a row or Edit.
  2. (optional) If you want the date type to apply to just one Doc Type, select it from the Doc Type drop-down menu.
  3. In Doc Date Name, enter a descriptive name for the date type.
  4. In Sequence, enter a number.
  5. Under Is Required, Include Start, Include Finish, Alert, and Active select the desired checkboxes.
  6. Accept and Save your changes.

Note: Once a Date Type is used on a document, it cannot not be deleted.