Project Management System Requirements V2023

Spitfire Project Management is a web-based application that stores your data in  Microsoft SQL Server. Access can be provided over the intranet for internal users and via the Internet for remote users.

There are two server roles required for Spitfire: the Web Server and the Microsoft SQL Database Server. Since most servers are now virtualized, we will provide guidance on appropriate configuration of the virtual servers. The primary requirement is that enough capacity (cores and RAM) is allocated to each server based on the number of users and the load that they are putting on the system so that the virtual server is not “over-subscribed” to the underlying physical hardware. Spitfire supports both VMware and Hypervisor as virtualization platforms. Your Web and SQL Servers may be co-located on a single physical server, or split onto multiple physical servers.

Below are guidelines as to virtual server capacity requirements.

Web Server

System Specs
  • Dynamic RAM allocation: 12 GB  minimum and startup; 24 GB max; typical demand under load 16 GB
  • Hypervisor and VMware supported and encouraged
  • Scalability
    • Base 2 cores, 4 recommended;  For more than 20 users, 4 cores required
    • Add at least 2 GB additional memory for each individual Web Site (Application Pool)
    • Add at least 2 GB additional memory for each additional 10 users
    • Above 50 users a second virtual web server is recommended for ATC Workflow
    • Above 80 users use of web farm mode is recommended
 Required Software
  • Microsoft Windows Server x64 2016, 2019, or 2022 (recommended)
  • Internet Information Server Version 10 or later
  • Microsoft .NET 4.8 Framework (latest version recommended)

Database Server

System Specs
  • Base 16 GB memory, 32 GB recommended
    • Add 8 GB for every 10 users up to 96 GB
  • 2 Core base
    • 20 users = 4 cores
    • 60 users = point where more than 4 cores may be required
  • Data Storage – SSD or 15K SAS recommended
    • Virtual: 3 virtual drives DATA, LOGS, OS;
    • Physical: An active RAID controller  configured as 2 mirrored, 3 parity stripped; and 1 warm spare; 15K RPM drives are recommended;  Special consideration is required for using SSD drives in RAID configurations.
Required Software:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP 3 (or higher); SQL Server 2019 or 2022 recommended
  • Microsoft Windows Server x64 2016, 2019, or 2022 (recommended)
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Full Text Indexing

Client Devices

Client Workstation
  • Google Chrome or any Chromium Browser
Android or iPad Tablets
  • Google Chrome Browser
Windows Workstation with Spitfire integration to Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365  (Word, Excel, etc)
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • .NET 4.8 Full Version (latest update recommended)
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime