Client Services

Our only goal is to serve our clients; therefore we offer a full range of client services:

Ready-to-Install Checklist

For self-hosted clients, we provide a checklist and even coordinate a web meeting to ensure that you are ready for your Spitfire Installation.


Spitfire installs the software over the web and tests that all of our components are working and ready for implementation.

Implementation and Configuration

Your Spitfire Implementer will work with you to configure the Spitfire system to best meet your needs.


Spitfire offers a bundle of Foundation Training classes to get you started. We also provide tons of information in our Focus Guides, Technical White Papers, Knowledge Base Articles (KBA), and Video Training Library.  In addition, we also provide instruction-led web training sessions for Advanced Topics. See our Training Classes page for more information.

On-going Support

Once your site is active, we provide on-going technical support to ensure that your system continues to perform to the high standards that both you and Spitfire expect.