Adding Unmapped Employees

When Spitfire is implemented and if your site is integrated with an external accounting system, you have the option if automatically synching all employees at your company or just certain employees. Employees who are not yet in sfPMS are considered unmapped employees. You may add them to sfPMS as needed.

To add an unmapped employee:

  1. From the Contacts Dashboard select Contacts in the upper, left-hand corner.
  2. If you are adding
    1. An LDAP (Active Directory) authenticated user,
      1. Have the user login with their AD account
      2. Find the new user and proceed with Step 3 below
    2. Otherwise: Click Add in the Contact List area to open a new Contact Detail window.
  3. At Employee click Lookup to find and select the unmapped employee. 
  4. The person’s Name, Vendor ID, Employee ID, and Division ID fields will automatically be populated.
  5. Complete the Contact Detail window as necessary.
  6. Save when complete.