Attach Drawings

If you have files attached to Drawings documents (drawing logs), you can easily attach those files to another document.

To attach files from a Drawings document (drawing log):

  1. At the document to which you want to attache drawing log files, click Attach Drawings. The Search for Drawings window will appear with Drawing documents listed.
  2. Click Attach files from this document holding the files you want to attach to your document. All files from the Drawing document(s) will be listed at the top of the page.
  3. Review each file listed. If there us any file you do not want to attach, click Delete on the row to remove the file from the attachment list. (This will not delete the file from the Catalog.)
  4. When all the drawing files you want to attach are listed, click OK. The file(s) will appear on the document’s Attachment tab.