Bookmark Templates – What’s New

Version 4.5 Appendix 1 – Fourth Quarter Additions
qTeam – New qAlias distributed with the system. The qTeam bookmark pulls all the team members from the Project Dashboard’s Team Contact part. Options are: qTeam_TeamRole, qTeam_UserName, qTeam_Company, qTeam_Addr1, qTeam_Addr2, qTeam_City, qTeam_State, qTeam_Zip, qTeam_Phone, qTeam_Fax, qTeam_Cell,and
Version 4.5 Appendix 2 – January 2015 Additions

Inclusion (exclution, etc.) – These bookmarks now support xFilters.
xFilter & xSort – These functions now support filtering or sorting of data in a table as long as the table is bookmarked as Tablexxxx or xxxxTable.