Changing the Revenue Label on the Cost Analysis Detail


I’d like to be able to change the Revenue footer label on the Cost Analysis Detail to say “Funding.”  How can I do that? I do not see this field in the UI Configuration tool.


The Revenue footer label is tied to the Revenue filter label. You can use the UI Configuration tool to configure the filter label, which in turn, will establish the same label in the footer grid.

For example, to change the label on the footer from Revenue to Funding:

  1. In the UI Configuration tool, make sure the Doc Type filter is blank, then select Project Cost Analysis Filters as the Part and Show Revenue as the Item.
  2. Click the Show Live Configuration checkbox.
  3. Copy the row, and change the label to Funding (or whatever else you’d like). This label will appear on the filter on the Cost Analysis Detail and also on the bottom of the grid.
  4. Remember to save your changes.