Document Exclusive Update Rights

As you may know, sfPMS prevents two or more people who have update permission on a document from making changes at the same time. Only one person can hold exclusive update rights to a document at any one time.

Assuming you have write permission to the document, you can tell if you will be able to save your document changes by looking at the save icon.

Icon-SAVE  If you open a document that is not being held exclusively by anyone, the save icon is black
Icon-SAVE-xs If you are the first to save the document, you will gain exclusive update rights and the save icon will change to green with a solid label
Icon-SAVE-xo  If you see that the icon is red with horizontal stripes on the label , it means that someone else has exclusive rights and you will not be able to save your changes.


If two or more persons open the same document at around the same time, the first person to save the document will gain exclusive update rights and the others will see the red save icon and get the following confirmation message in about 20 seconds:

  • Click to see the latest data on the document. However, as long as the document is held exclusively by another, you will not be able to make changes to it. The document for you will be read-only.
  • Click to close the document window.
  • Click to close the confirmation box but keep the document open. The document for you will be read-only and will not include any changes saved by someone else since you opened the document.

For more information about exclusive update rights, see the Focus on Document and Item Basics guide.