Excluding Weekends from Due Dates


I want to use a workflow script to set Due dates on new document automatically, but I don’t want those Due dates to ever fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Is there an option I can use to prevent Due dates on the weekend?


Yes. A WEEKDAY option is available for the ATC: DUE, SEQ and ITEMDUE commands. This WEEKDAY option tells Spitfire that if the resolved date (after all prior options are processed) falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the next Monday should be used instead.


Let’s say you add the following command to a workflow script:


The first part of the command—DUE 0 DAY 16—means “starting today (0), go to the next 16th of the month (even if that means next month).” The WEEKDAY option means “if the 16th falls on a Saturday, make the Due date the 18th; if the 16th falls on a Sunday, make the Due date the 17th.”

You can use the WEEKDAY option on the following ATC commands:

ATC: DUE for document Due dates.

ATC: SEQ for Route Detail Due dates.

ATC: ITEMDUE for Item Due dates.


For additional information about workflow scripts, see ATC Scripts and Automatic Workflow.

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