Projects Nearby Report

This report displays information about projects within a specified location or radius.

Projects Nearby

Note: although the image above does not show the Output drop-down, you can select an output method (PDF/Excel/CSV) for this report.


  • Since – the project start date since when to include in the report.
  • Located Near – a location entered as Project ID or anything else that Google Maps will accept as an address (e.g. ZIP code; Airport code; city, state, etc.) When you tab out, the Latitude and Longitude will be filled out automatically.
  • Latitude – an exact latitude point.
  • Longitude – an exact longitude point.
  • Within Miles – the number of miles near the indicated location to be considered the radius for this report. You can enter decimals.


  • Project – the ID and name of the project.
  • Project Customer – the name of the customer of the project.
  • Project Site Address – the site address of the project, as entered on the Project Setup document’s Addr tab.
  • Project Ends – the Project’s end date.

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