Rolling Up Cost Codes into Divisions (3 Groups) in BFA


In BFA, we need to see totals for our cost codes by divisions (all cost codes that start with 10, 20, 30 etc.). I know there is a Division Totals option that creates a new tab of information, but if possible, I’d like to see Division Totals, then expand the cost codes and account categories under that Division. Is that possible in BFA?


Yes. Some BFA setup and a rule are required, but the BFA workbook allows you to display your data rolled up on both the cost code and division levels. We refer to this as “Group 3” in BFA.

The BudgetConfig | Show3Groups rule:

  • Turn this rule ON (checkmark) if you want to be able to see rows grouped by Divisions on your Data worksheet. No filter type is required.

BFA Site Settings:

  1. Go to the Site Settings sheet in the BFA workbook. We recommend starting in Project Analysis mode.
  2. On cell B70, enter how Spitfire should determine what a Division is. The first number is where on the cost code Spitfire should start looking and the second number, after a comma, is the count of characters to be used for Division groupings.  For example, the 1,2 below means “start at the first position of the cost code and count 2 characters. When the two characters change, that is a new division.”

    You may already have the Division Subtotal set and therefore not need to change or save anything.
  3. If you have changed the Division Subtotal cell, save Site Settings.
  4. You will be prompted to save the file on your computer/workstation. You will need to upload that BFA Site Settings file into your template library, replacing any Site Setting file already there.

How it works:

A Group 3 Show option allows you to display Account Category, Cost Code and Division rows all on the Data worksheet.  Note: the Group option must first be selected. When it is selected, the option says Ungroup because it is a toggle.

With Group 3 selected, your worksheet can be rolled up to show only division total rows (if you click 1), or rolled up to show division and cost code rows (if you click 2), or show all rows (if you click 3).