The Reference List

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When you select the Reference tool, the Reference and Global Reference lists appear.


Doc Type The document type to which the reference can apply. If left blank, the reference will be available for all Doc Types.
Note: If you want a Doc Type to exclude those references common to all Doc Types. use the ExcludeCommonChoices rule group (see KBA-01023).
Reference The label for the reference.
Rollup The name of the rollup, if the reference has one. Rollups can be used in custom reports.
Active Whether or not the reference can be used and selected in sfPMS.



Reference Like Type the first characters or use the wildcard (%) to find one or more specific References.
Doc Type Select a Doc Type from the drop-down list.


Global Reference Filter

Description Type the first characters or use a wildcard (%) to find one or more specific global references.
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