Access to Drill Down Labor Transactions


One of our users needs to access Actuals for a Labor account category on the Cost Analysis Details part of the Project Dashboard. What permissions are required in this user’s role?


Spitfire allows authorized users to drill down on Actuals for Labor account categories in both Classic UI and Power UX Cost Analysis:

Classic UI:

Power UX:

Capabilities Required:

In order to be able to drill down to the Matching Transaction History window for a Labor account category, a user needs the following two capabilities in a role. These capabilities will allow the user to drill down both on the Cost Analysis Details part and in the BFA workbook.

  • PAGE | Transaction Detail (R) to be able to drill down.
  • LIST | Can see Labor Transactions (R) to see Labor information.

Note: with only those two capabilities, the user will not be able to see names of employees. If the user should be allowed to see names, the user needs the PAGE | Transaction Details capability with the S permission as well.