Adding and Editing Predefined Routes

The creation of a predefined route consists on three major steps:

  • Naming the route
  • Adding routees
  • Adding rule criteria

To create a new predefined route:

  1. In Manage |  Route List, click Add a Route.
  2. Enter a Route Name.
  3. Accept the row.
  4. Click Select to access the Details for Selected Row and Rules for Selected Row parts.
  5. Under Details for Selected Row, click Add a Route stop.
  6. Look up a User or Role.
  7. Complete the remaining fields as necessary.
  8. Accept the row.
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 8 if necessary.
  10. Under Rules for Selected Route. click Add a Rule.
  11. Complete the fields as necessary.
  12. Accept the row.
  13. Repeat steps 10 to 12.
  14. Save the Routes tool.


To edit a route on the Route List:

  1. From Manage | Routes, click Edit this Route.
  2. When the screen refreshes, you can change the Route Name, Purpose, or change the Active setting.

To delete a route on the Route List:

From Manage | Routes, click Delete.

Note: Since the Delete icon does not appear for predefined routes with rules, you must delete the rules first.

To edit or delete the Details for a Selected Row or Rules for a Selected Row:

  1. From the Route List, click Select.
  2. When the screen refreshes, locate the row, and click Edit or Delete.