AttendeeToggle Rule


We would like to be able to list all the people who attend our events on Event documents, even if those people are not in our Contacts. Can we configure our system to accept those non-Contact names just on the Event Doc type?


Yes, if you add an Attendees tab to your Event Doc type. The DocTypeConfig | AttendeeToggle rule allows you to configure how names can be added to the Attendees tab for specific Doc types.


The Attendees tab has long been a place in the system where freeform non-Contact names could be added to a document. By default, a new Attendee row requires a name from active system Contacts, but an icon can be used to toggle that field into freeform mode (and back to Contacts-only mode again) by those with proper permission.

Note: it is necessary to use the “add new” icon in order to see the “lookup” and “toggle” icons. The auto-complete field shows neither, but accepts only Contact names (unless the default rule is changed):

DocTypeConfig | AttendeeToggle Rule

This rule allows you to specify if and how toggling is to be allowed on the Attendees tab of specific Doc types. Possible result values are:

  • 1 = allow toggle between Contact names and freeform names as described above. For backward compatibility, this is the default behavior.
  • U = allow Contact entry only.
    • The autocomplete field will accept one Contact name only.
    • If you start with the “add new” icon, the “lookup” icon will appear, but the “toggle” icon will not.
    • This rule overrides the permission to toggle given through the LIST | Free form meeting attendee names role capability.
  • F = allow freeform entry only, including several names on one field separated by commas.
    • The autocomplete field will accept freeform names.
    • Autocomplete will find Contact names if you type any, but those names will then be treated as freeform names, not linked back to the Contacts.
    • If you start with the “add new” icon, no “toggle” or “lookup” icon will appear.


Freeform names cannot be included in routing and are not tracked anywhere in Spitfire. For this reason, we discourage the use of the F result value, except for specific Doc types that are meant to list people outside of your system. In fact, we would suggest setting the rule to U for all Doc types that will build their routes from the Attendees tab.