Automatic Exclusive Access


We understand the need to get exclusive access on a document before we can use the Attachments tab. But couldn’t we get that exclusive access just by opening the document?


We hear you. Since many of you would like to not have to click “save” when you first open a document, the new role capability SYS | Attempt exclusive access for all opened documents (R) is now available.

This capability, which can be added to any appropriate role, allows the user to get exclusive access automatically when the document is first opened, provided that the document is not already held exclusively by someone else, and provided the document is not in a closed (read-only) state.


In v2016, the SYS | Global access capability (generally given to the System Admin role) is mutually exclusive with this new capability, which means that those with only the System Admin role will still need to save the document before gaining exclusive access and being able to use the Attachments tab. As a reminder, we recommend that users not do project-related work logged in as System Admins.